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Moses Malone Biography

Moses Malone is known for his domination, endurance, and work ethic in NBA history. Moses Eugene Malone, born in Petersburg, Virginia, on March 23, 1955, became a basketball legend. He changed the NBA with his ferocious playstyle and 6’10” height. This page covers Moses Malone’s life and career from his youth through his legacy in professional basketball.

Early Life

From Petersburg, Virginia, Moses Malone became a basketball star. Growing up in a working-class home, he experienced many hardships. He escaped difficulties and succeeded via basketball.

Malone became a local basketball star at Petersburg High School. His towering stature and talent were unmistakable. Colleges and scouts saw this talented athlete quickly.

Moses Malone made a life-changing choice in 1974. He skipped college and went directly to the pros, a remarkable choice at the time. He began a distinguished career with this choice.

Personal Life

Moses Malone has several personal accomplishments and tribulations outside of basketball. He kept a low profile off the court, letting his play speak for itself. Due to his humble beginnings, he stayed grounded despite his celebrity and fortune.

Malone was close to his three children, Moses Jr., Michael, and Cheryl. He was a caring father who taught his children the work ethic and principles that made him great. His family came first despite his professional basketball career.

Moses Malone was philanthropic off the court. He supported charities, especially those for poor youngsters. He showed character by giving back to the community that shaped him.

Professional Career

Moses Malone’s career was legendary. He joined the NBA in 1974 after the Utah Stars drafted him in the ABA. His ABA career ended in 1976 when the league joined with the NBA. Malone played for the NBA’s Buffalo Braves following the merger, albeit only briefly. He became famous after joining the Houston Rockets.

Malone’s talent flourished on the Houston Rockets. He became an NBA powerhouse because to his physical strength and work ethic. Malone dominated the boards with his rebounding skills. He was unmatched at grabbing offensive rebounds and scoring on second chances.

Malone scored well too. He has several low-post moves and a nice touch around the hoop. He also improved his mid-range jumper, making him a more dangerous attacking threat. He terrorized opposition defenders with his scoring variety.

Malone reached his professional peak in 1979 by leading the Houston Rockets to the NBA Finals. Malone was named NBA Finals MVP despite the Rockets’ loss. From 1979 through 1982, he won three NBA MVP trophies, cementing his status as a top player.

Malone played for the Philadelphia 76ers, Washington Bullets, Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks, and San Antonio Spurs. His wandering lifestyle showed his league importance. He frequently earned All-Star and All-NBA Team accolades on his dominance.

Malone’s career peaked in 1983 when he led the 76ers to an NBA title. His championship run with Julius Erving and a superb supporting cast was remarkable. Malone’s relentless rebounding and scoring helped win the title.


Moses Malone’s trophy cabinet shows his basketball prowess. His countless individual and team achievements continue to shine, highlighting his outstanding career.

NBA MVP Awards: Malone was MVP three times from 1979 to 1982. This time saw him dominate the league, making him the top player.

NBA Finals MVP: Malone led the Philadelphia 76ers to a 1983 title. His Finals performance cemented his legacy.

NBA All-Star: Moses Malone was a 12-time NBA All-Star, demonstrating his consistency and greatness. He was always in the All-Star Game and typically had a big effect.

Malone was named to the All-NBA Team many times, confirming his standing as a top player. Media and coaches applauded his two-way play.

NBA Rebounding Titles: Malone led the NBA in rebounds per game for six seasons, demonstrating his elite rebounding skills. His board mastery gave his sides an edge.

Moses Malone won the 1983 NBA championship with the Philadelphia 76ers, solidifying his status as a champion and era-defining talent.


Moses Malone left a legacy of greatness and hard effort in professional basketball. He ruled the game with skill and determination.

Rebounding Excellence: Malone’s board dominance is one of his greatest contributions. On both sides of the court, his tireless chase of rebounds and second-chance opportunities changed games. His offensive rebounding is considered the best in NBA history.

Malone’s scoring was as spectacular as his rebounds. He was a league leader in points per game and could score in the post and mid-range.

Champion’s Legacy: Malone’s 1983 Philadelphia 76ers title helped cement his winning legacy. He helped Philadelphia win a title and is a sports legend.

Impact on the NBA: Malone’s choice to skip college and join the professionals changed the NBA. His accomplishment inspired other high school players, altering professional basketball.

Working ethic and leadership: Malone was noted for his hard work ethic and leadership by example throughout his career. He motivated colleagues and future players with his greatness.

On September 13, 2015, Moses Malone died, leaving basketball fans mourning. He is remembered for his amazing performances and game-changing influence. In 2001, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inducted him, honoring his outstanding career.

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